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Opsolutions Consults strategy is to help companies concentrate on their core business activities whiles saving money and subsequently reducing OPEX.
We do this by consolidating all your non-core activities hence reducing your vendor/supplier base as well. We leverage on the volume of Business to reduce cost as we are surely going to give you competitive rates for our services

  • Strategic Outsourcing
  • 24/7 Support
  • Facility Management
  • IT Services
What we do

Our Services


Strategic sourcing and procurement services


We provide facilites and security management services.

IT Support

We provide quality IT support and management services

Why Choose Us ?

some very good reasons to choose Opsolutions

We are honest and transparent with you, our team and our business partners.
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Integrity is about consistency. We believe that consistency of character, actions, methods, principles and expectations creates better outcomes
We are conscious that the way that we make these decisions individually and collectively as a company will determine both your success and our success
Services We Offer

We'll Consult You On

Strategic Sourcing

We source and procure any products and services at very competitive rates without compromising quality and durability

Facilities Management

We cover building and ground maintenance, renovations, health and Safety, security.we can drastically reduce spend in this area

IT Services and Management

Wireless network services - from site surveys, to network design, to installation and follow up service .As well IT procurements

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