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Our services are based on :

•thorough understanding of your operations and requirements, we schedule meetings with your organization to determine your non-core activities should the need be

• We will request from you, non-core activities spend per month/year if available or together with you come up with one if non-existent

• fundamental research-driven analysis takes place after we receive the above information, we consider risks involved as well if there is any and risk management strategies

• We then come up with a cost saving strategy proposal to help you concentrate on your core activities while making savings and increasing your organization’s profit margins in the long-run. This will be done through a detailed presentation to your management and key stakeholders on how this will work

We are committed to global standards and international best practice in our processes and operations with a team of talented and experienced professionals

Areas of Specialization which can be outsourced to Opsolutions  includes but not limited to the below

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement (Local and Global)
We source and procure any products and services at very competitive rates without compromising quality and durability, regardless the sector or industry involved. Lead times are very important for businesses and we take that seriously at Opsolutions Consults. Also, we are aware of all the regulations regarding customs taxes, processes and procedures within the country 

Facilities and Security Management
This is high spend area for most Large and medium size organizations. As part of our strategy, we can drastically reduce spend in this area in a very short time depending on your scope. We cover building and ground maintenance, renovations, health and Safety, security, Utilities and Communication infrastructure, Space Management, cleaning services, Generators and more for industrial, office and residential infrastructure. We have special arrangements depending on your needs to dedicate a 24 hour / 7days help line to respond to issues and emergencies.

IT Support and Management Services
With the importance of IT in business in recent times, Opsolutions have partnered with professionals in the field to undertake the below scope and activities
1. Networking
2. Cabling
3. Server installations
4. Printer Support
5. Hardware trouble shooting and repairs
6. Software installations configuration and management
7. Voice/Data support

• Human resource Consulting and outsourcing
We can always support you by providing you temporary non-core staffs depending on your requirement at very competitive rates depending on the volume of business. Alternatively you can transfer all your non-core staff to Opsolutions Consult for management. This will reduce your non-core employee base and also helps you to concentrate on your core employees. Our portfolio administration in outsourcing is the best practices you can find in the in Ghana. This allows us to focus on providing you with an excellent outsourcing management service, while ensuring that through outsourced specialists, your business with Opsolutions is in line with global service levels and trends.

• Asset Management/Labelling
Many organizations face a significant challenge in tracking the location, quantity, condition and status of their assets. Asset labels are an easy way of recording and identifying your assets. Opsolutions has labels in a wide range of materials and styles, with a permanent adhesive that can be personalized with name, logo, sequential numbering
It is a good practice to keep a register of all your assets in case of theft or fire, most insurance companies will require proof before settling claims. By labeling all your valuable equipment’s with records will help with insurance claims as well. Asset Labels will also discourage 'asset misappropriation', theft and fraud.

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Opsolutions Consult help companies concentrate on their core business activities whiles saving money and subsequently reducing OPEX..

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