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We have 10+ Years Business Experiences

Trusted Business Consulting Service Provider

Opsolutions Consults strategy is to help companies concentrate on their core business activities whiles saving money and subsequently reducing OPEX. We do this by consolidating all your non-core activities hence reducing your vendor/supplier base as well. We leverage on the volume of Business to reduce cost as we are surely going to give you competitive rates for our services.Since we started operating, we have focused on providing Excellent services for organizations throughout Ghana in both the Public and Private Sectors

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Our services are based on a:

  • thorough understanding of your operations and requirements, we schedule meetings with your organization to determine your non-core activities should the need be
  • We will request from you, non-core activities spend per month/year if available or together with you come up with one if non-existent
  • fundamental research-driven analysis takes place after we receive the above information, we consider risks involved as well and if there is any, risk management strategies are considered
  • We then come up with a cost saving strategy proposal to help you concentrate on your core activities while making savings and increasing your organization’s profit margins in the long-run. This will be done through a detailed presentation to your management and key stakeholders on how this will work

We are committed to global standards and international best practice in our processes and operations with a team of talented and experienced professionals

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