No.2 Wristberg Close Abelemkpe, Accra

Office Address

  • No.2 Wristberg Close Abelemkpe – Accra, Ghana
  • +233 302 779 169
  • +233 205 107 716

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Facilities and Security Management

Service Details

This is high spend area for most Large and medium size organizations. As part of our strategy, we can drastically reduce spend in this area in a very short time depending on agreed scope. We cover but not limited to

Lead times are very important for businesses and we take that seriously at Opsolutions Consult. Also, we are aware of all the regulations regarding customs taxes, processes and procedures within the country

  • building and ground maintenance
  • renovations and minor constructions
  • health and Safety
  • Generator Servicing
  • Gardening Services/ground landscaping Fumigation
  • Fumigation/Pest control
  • Plumbing audits
  • Electrical audits
  • Security Management
  • Air-condition servicing
  • Utilities and Communication infrastructure, Space Management, we have special arrangements depending on your needs to dedicate a 24 hour / 7days help line to respond to issues and emergencies